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The GrabItâ„¢ hand safety tool helps enable hands-off operations by firmly closing around a pipe or other like object, ensuring a solid grasp when working with suspended tubulars.


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Fully Capture a Suspended Load for Hands-Off Control

The GrabIt enables workers to securely maneuver pipe and other tubulars while moving hands away from the danger zone - reducing the risk of trapped, crushed or other hand and finger related injuries.



Lock On

The GrabIt tool's ratcheting action locks as it closes around a tubular 3-10" in diameter to ensure a strong grasp of the suspended load.

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Release When Ready

The trigger on the tool allows for easy release of the tubular once properly positioned.



Use When Working at Heights

The GrabIt features a tethering point at the end of the tool for use when working at heights.

It's All Under Control

A convenient side handle provides an ergonomic grip, properly positioning the user's hand for optimum control.



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GHST2 GrabIt Hand Safety Tool



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