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The RackIt™ no touch hand safety tool helps safely facilitate pipe rack-back on drilling rig operations.


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Eliminate costly finger and hand injuries by keeping your hands off the drill pipe.

The RackIt keeps a worker’s hands off the pipe during rack-back maneuvering while still keeping the body close enough to maintain proper control of the stand of drill pipe after its connection is broken from the rest of the drillstring.



Guide and Glide

Heavy-duty high-density plastic inserts allow the pipe to glide freely.

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Quite Fitting

The RackIt is designed to fit most standard drill pipe ranging in size from 4-8" in diameter.


More Control

The tool's twin handle design offers a stable grip for maximum control of the tubular.

Less Impact

The RackIt's barbell-style handles provide side impact protection for the user's hands.




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Part Number  Tubular Diameter Description
4-8" Racklt™ Hand Safety Tool

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