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Safe-T-Stik is the ultimate hands-off magnetic load control and positioning safety tool for moving road plate, trench plate, poles, pipe, I-beams, shipping containers, valves, fittings and any other heavy steel objects or large parts being lifted or hoisted into or out of position.





Do the Twist

Once the load is set into position, the user simply tilts the handle up past 90 degrees to easily peel the magnet off.



You Can Handle It

The ergonomic handle enables the user to properly position the body to push and pull the handle to easily control a load.

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It's Impactful

Built with an FRP tube and fiberglass rod, the Safe-T-Stik provides the perfect material combination to produce both a lightweight, non-conductive and extremely strong tool.



Super Attractive

The custom super magnet has a pull force of greater than 400 LBS and is easy to attach and remove.

Move Freely

Dual action swivel capabilities enable users to move freely for proper body position when moving an object without sacrificing control.



One Tool with Multiple Options to Fit Your Needs

The tool comes in multiple variations offering a tool in various fixed or adjustable lengths as well as tools produced with fixed or adjustable handles.

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Part Number  Length Handle Description
STS001 Fixed, 5 Feet
Adjustable Safe-T-Stik
STS002 Adjustable, 5 to 8 Feet
Adjustable Safe-T-Stik XL
STS003 Fixed 30"
Fixed Safe-T-Stik Mini
STS003DH Fixed 30" Fixed D-Handle
Safe-T-Stik Mini with D-Handle
STS005 Fixed 30" Adjustable Safe-T-Stik SR
Fixed 30"
Fixed D-Handle Safe-T-Stik SR with D-Handle

Replacement Magnet Kit (Pack of 2)



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