There are so many ways to Keep Your Hands Off It™

The main purpose of every Hand Safety Tool Company product is to keep your hands away from hazardous areas. But did you know all the ways you can use our tools? Check out the chart below to learn about just some of the uses for our tools in a number of industries. 


ShoveIt® Hand Safety Tool 

Avoid hand injuries while working with suspended loads.

  • Guide suspended loads
  • Roll pipes
  • Grab slings and taglines

HoldIt™ Hand Safety Tool

Keep fingers safe when striking objects.

  • Secure striking tools
  • Hold large diameter pins
  • Ensure proper body positioning

RackIt™ Hand Safety Tool

Facilitate pipe rack-back during drilling rig operations.

  • Maneuver pipe
  • Rack-back pipe
  • Push against objects

GrabIt™ Hand Safety Tool

Ensure a solid hands-off grasp when working with suspended tubulars.

  • Maneuver vertical pipe
  • Push & pull vertical tubulars

TwistIt™ Hand Safety Tool

Facilitate hands-off pipe stabbing and tubular maneuvering

  • Stab Pipe
  • Trip Casing
  • Maneuver Drill Pipe

Product Development

See the need for a new tool? We can help.

  • Product Development
  • Hand Safety Tool Creation
  • Engineered Tools
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